Roderick Polk

Rod joined Allworld Project Management in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology from Illinois State University. Rod support’s Allworld with the sewer assessment and rehabilitation program in Shreveport, LA and Jackson, TN with the Jackson Energy Authority. He is certified through NASSCO in the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program, Manhole Assessment Certification Program, and Lateral Assessment Certification Program. He is also certified as a traffic control flagger and has OSHA-10 certification for the Construction Industry.

Alvin Clark

As a former City of Memphis Storm Water Project Coordinator, Alvin brings institutional knowledge regarding local water systems and inspection services. Alvin received his Bachelors of Science in Biology and maintains certifications as a TN ESPC Level 1 and Level 2 Storm water Inspector. Alvin serves as a field inspector for the SARP10 Program. Alvin has 30 years of water management experience has added value to several AWPM projects.

Don Meeky

In 2013, Donald joined the Allworld Project Management team bringing 30 years of construction experience including industrial, roadway, bridge, dams, and nuclear construction. Additionally, Donald has worked on projects such as Petroleum and Fuel Facility Construction, Memphis Smart-way ITS-Maintenance Project and ITS project construction. He earned an Associate of Applied Science, Nuclear Technology & Quality Assurance. Donald also maintains several certifications to include: ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician, Tennessee Department of Transportation Asphalt Roadway Inspector and Tennessee Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspector- Level 1.

Ellie Maclin

Ellie joined the Allworld team in the summer of 2015, immediately providing support to Allworld with in-house GIS, project management, and business development. Ellie is an associate project manager and data lead for the multi-year sewer assessment and rehabilitation program in Jackson, TN with the Jackson Energy Authority. She also assists with weekly data integration and quality control for the 10 year, $250 million Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (SARP10) in Memphis, TN. Ellie is also involved with contract management on the SARP10 program, supporting SRF funding processes and providing biweekly progress updates via web-based mobile applications created in the Esri ArcGIS online platform.

Before coming to Allworld, Ellie gained 10 years’ experience in GIS, compliance, reporting, and information management in the field of Cultural Resource Management, and 3 years’ experience in social media marketing and copywriting/editing as a small business entrepreneur.

Ellie holds an International MBA from the University of Memphis, a M.S. in Archaeological Resource Management from the University of Georgia, and a B.A. in Anthropology with Honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She received a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Memphis concurrently with her MBA. Ellie is an active member of the Memphis Area Geographic Information Council, or MAGIC. Ellie also is an Esri certified ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10.3.

Frederick Thomas

Frederick joined Allworld Project Management with over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry.  Frederick supports Allworld  as an inspector on the Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (SARP10).  Fred is also a sewer smoke technician that evaluates sewer infrastructures. This work has been completed in Shreveport, LA;  Houston, TX; Memphis, TN; and Jackson, TN with the Jackson Energy Authority. He is certified with the National Association of Sewer Service Companies NASSCO in Pipeline, Manhole and Lateral Assessment Certification Program. He is also certified as a traffic control flagger, has an OSHA-10 certification for the Construction Industry, American Red Cross Certification and NCCER Certification.

Jacob Wiley

Jacob first worked with Allworld as a trainee while still in college at the University of Memphis as an engineering student. In that role, he provided data support services to the 10 year, $250 million Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (SARP10) in Memphis, TN. After graduation, Jacob was invited to join the team as a full-time employee in January 2016. Jacob has rapidly ascended into public-facing positions and management roles as a growing asset to our team. He provides supplemental engineering, GIS, and data work for our clients and supports Allworld’s business development through training and solutions development.

Jacob works at the crossroads of civil engineering, information technology, process automation, and field services, providing both Allworld and our clients with valuable expertise and cutting edge technological solutions to classic engineering and program management problems. He brings a unique skill set and problem-solving approach to real-world engineering program management problems.

Jacob holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Memphis. He recently passed his Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, or FE earning the title of Engineer in Training (EIT). He is NASSCO certified through the Pipeline, Manhole, and Lateral Assessment Certification Programs. Jacob also holds a TDOT Hotmix Asphalt Inspection certification.

Jessie Baker

Jessie joined Allworld in 2014 as a member of the GIS team. She provides essential GIS support to the 10 year, $250 million Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (SARP10) in Memphis, TN and to the Jackson Energy Authority Sanitary Sewer Program Management Project. She brings international and local data management experience to the team, and supports both Allworld and our client base with her leadership and organizational skills.

Before joining Allworld, Jessie worked on the MLGW Water Data and Map Conversion Project with the Center for Partnerships in GIS on the University of Memphis Campus. Her background provides Allworld’s clients with experience in legacy data migration, field data collection, resource management, data integration, and ETL.
Jessie holds a B. S. in Business Geography and a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Northern Alabama. She is certified through NASSCO in the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program and Manhole Assessment and Certification Program. In 2015 she was elected as Vice President of the University of Northern Alabama Geography Alumni Association and is a member of the Memphis Area Geographic Information Council (MAGIC).

John Anderson

John adds his 30+years of field inspection, construction inspection and construction management experience to the Allworld team. John has management expertise to numerous projects of varying scopes including building, airport, rail system and infrastructure improvements. John maintains several certified positions to include ACI Certified Concrete Construction Inspector, Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Certified 2 and 3 Concrete Technicians, TDOT Certified Asphalt Roadway Technician and TN EPSC Level 1 Environmental Certified Inspector. John has extensive experience with underground utilities, pipe installation and holds NASSCO certifications in MACP, PACP and LACP. John also possesses CSX and NS Rail Safety Certifications, TVA Safety Certification, and FAA Background Verification.

Kanne Ikwuezunma

Kanne joined Allworld’s GIS team in the summer of 2016 to expand Allworld’s capabilities with emerging technologies. Kanne’s role within Allworld is to leverage advanced knowledge of GIS and web application development to produce effective solutions for analysis, process automation and computer-based problem solving to formulate the best informed decision. Kanne also supports multiple projects with engineering firm Black & Veatch through weekly data integration and regular quality control.

Before joining Allworld, Kanne provided GIS analysis and expertise for real estate agents in the Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi markets as part of the GIS support team for The Shopping Center Group. Prior to his work with The Shopping Center Group Kanne was a particularly active student at Kennesaw State – he assisted professors with advanced GIS analysis projects, founded the Kennesaw State Club for GIS Users, and provided students with leadership, training, and oversight in the program computer lab.
Kanne holds a B.S. in Geographic Information Science with a Concentration in Environmental Systems from Kennesaw State University, GA. He also received a Certificate of Information Technology from Kennesaw State University. He is a professional member of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), the Georgia chapter of URISA, and the Memphis Area Geographic Information Council (MAGIC).

Ken Martin

Ken Martin joined the Allworld team with over 25 years of experience with the City of Memphis public works department and wastewater treatment plants. Ken has achieved a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture. He is a NASCO ITCP certified inspector for both CIPP and manhole rehabilitation. He has successfully completed NASSCO certification programs in pipeline assessment (PACP) and manhole assessment(MACP). He is also licensed as a State of Tennessee Grade 4 Wastewater Operator and a State of Tennessee Class 2 Collection System Operator.