Jessie Baker

Jessie joined Allworld in 2014 as a member of the GIS team. She provides essential GIS support to the 10 year, $250 million Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (SARP10) in Memphis, TN and to the Jackson Energy Authority Sanitary Sewer Program Management Project. She brings international and local data management experience to the team, and supports both Allworld and our client base with her leadership and organizational skills.

Before joining Allworld, Jessie worked on the MLGW Water Data and Map Conversion Project with the Center for Partnerships in GIS on the University of Memphis Campus. Her background provides Allworld’s clients with experience in legacy data migration, field data collection, resource management, data integration, and ETL.
Jessie holds a B. S. in Business Geography and a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Northern Alabama. She is certified through NASSCO in the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program and Manhole Assessment and Certification Program. In 2015 she was elected as Vice President of the University of Northern Alabama Geography Alumni Association and is a member of the Memphis Area Geographic Information Council (MAGIC).